Aleksandar Gospić

Trust me, I've been there

Enjoy a country perfect for a holiday, loved by so many tourists.



Emma reviews Croatia




"Last year I came to Croatia on holiday. It was beautiful. I will definitely be coming back this year. Trust me, I've been there."

Aleksandar Gospić

Croatia is a sun-bathed paradise, offering the epitome of summer bliss, great local food and wine, amazing blue waters and places to visit. 

The inviting atmosphere and hospitality make tourists feel safe and comfortable, with attention paid to the highest European level of health and safety COVID-19 regulations. By sailing through the Adriatic archipelago, you can experience living like a local and immerse yourself in the small-town ways or visit any of the multitude of historic cities, while still enjoying the peaceful and quiet picturesque bays. The natural calm and peacefulness of various archaeological sites can offer a nice break and a place to retrospect and reenergize. A destination well-loved by many visitors and alpinists are the mighty mountains of Biokovo and Velebit national parks with a spectacular view of the Adriatic islands and many great spots for taking stunning photos, such as the latest addition of the skywalk on Biokovo – not for the fainthearted. The endless golden plains of Slavonia were once at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea, leaving behind many fossils and rich flora and fauna, and fostering unique parks such as Kopački Rit, Papuk, Lonjsko Polje, Žumberak. The winding roads surrounded by untouched nature and plenty of bicycle paths make Croatia an adventurous paradise. Wind sailing and surfing opportunities may be found in hidden corners along the Adriatic accessible only by boat, through which you will find true peace and privacy. Beautiful and quiet camping areas scattered along the coast can serve as your second home, especially in the off-season, and provide a great place to set up a new office for all the remote workers and digital nomads out there.


Croatia makes tourists feel like home. Loved.


Summer bliss in Croatia

Zoran Jelača

Capture the stunning vivid colors of the amazing sunsets, the lapping of the waves, and be welcomed by the sound of seagulls.

The reason why our visitors always return lies in the summer bliss experience. From long pebble and stone beaches, with family play areas, amusement and water parks, to great beach bars and peaceful oases sheltered by pine forests for those who prefer a quiet holiday. Over a thousand islands including Hvar, the sunniest of them all, are filled with monuments, ruins, small churches and fortresses waiting to be discovered and to delight your senses as you take in the scent of the colorful exotic flowers and plants, interlaced with culture, gastronomy and both recreational and adventure-lover sports options for those looking to stay active.

Surreal beauty of the Adriatic archipelago

Julien Duval

The surreal beauty of the Adriatic archipelago will definitely leave a lasting impression.

In exploring Croatia’s amazing small towns and islands by sailing, you also enjoy the calm of the picturesque bays and crystal-clear blue sea while taking in the tremendous views of the mighty mountain slopes and rocks. Mljet, Kornati and Krka national parks, all unique and definite must-sees, are easily accessible to boaters thanks to the amazing network of local marinas. Sports and competitive sailing provide great adventure opportunities for the more experienced sailing enthusiasts and the offer of amazing Mediterranean dishes is rich and a guilty pleasure for those who enjoy trying local food, wine and other beverages.

Oasis for adrenaline seekers


Our visitors are often searching for new, crazy adventures.

If you are a motorcyclist, you will enjoy the curvy roads meandering through untamed nature. Further inland there are bicycle paths and the amazing Napoleon mountain trail called Via Adriatica that goes all the way from Istria to the southern tip of Croatia, past Dubrovnik. Walking, hiking, climbing and alpine trails provide spectacular views of the surrounding rivers and mountains such as Northern Velebit and Biokovo. Rafting on the river Cetina and wind sailing offer an oasis for adrenaline seekers, quite the opposite from the relaxing thermal spas with pure mud and minerals, dating back from Roman times. Attractive diving sites in Croatia provide a great alternative to escape to a picturesque underwater world of unique archaeological locations.

Waiting to be explored

Zoran Jelača

Historic sites such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Pula’s Arena or the walled city of Dubrovnik - a monument in and of itself, are scattered along the coast. Known for a multitude of UNESCO World Heritage sites and intangible heritage designations, you will have much to explore, while the inland regions boast many hidden and lesser-known medieval castles waiting to be explored.

Folk traditions differ from region to region and are also known for their intricate and colorful folk costumes. The range of folksongs passed down for generations include the colorful sounds of the Međimurska popevka to eastern Croatia’s Bećarac. The Vukovar Water Tower houses the newly opened city museum with spectacular views of the Danube, and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum provides a chance to explore our common prehistoric ancestors – a great family outing. As for Zagreb, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Broken Relationships are just two of the many popular museums to visit.

Delicious local food

Maja Danica Pečanić

Great local food is a common reason why visitors keep on returning.

Authentic hospitality and tradition, together with the variety that every region provides with its own flavors and places to visit, make it difficult to choose. Dalmatian olives, award-winning Istrian olive oils, boutique wines and fresh Mediterranean cuisine are offered along Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Taste the Istrian truffles and Malvasia wine or the sausage Kulen and try the famous Ilok wines in Slavonia – while visiting some of the best wine cellars in Europe. The numerous international guests that visit try the local “Brujet” of frogs and eels after the traditional Neretva Boat Marathon and go mandarin-picking in the off-season, making this an ever more popular tourist attraction.

Perfect and safe camping holiday

Jadranka kampovi d.o.o.

Every year more and more camping enthusiasts discover the beauty of Croatia and spend their camping holiday surrounded by clear blue seas, wonderfully preserved natural surroundings and basking in sunshine.

There are many modern, well-equipped and hospitable campsites, which usually come with their own beaches. They range from family-friendly mini-campsites to larger holiday parks with their own mobile home facilities. Situated in beautiful locations throughout the country, campsites in Croatia will provide you with a perfect and safe vacation option.

Cinematic landscapes

Inviting and unruly nature, cinematic landscapes and yet-to-be-discovered hidden gems often mentioned in popular legends and folk stories, definitely entice nature-lovers to explore Croatia.

The endless golden plains of Slavonia are overflowing with biodiverse and wildlife-rich nature parks such as Kopački Rit, UNESCO Geo Park Papuk , Lonjsko Polje and Žumberak. Thick 500-year-old oak forests interlace with mountains, and let you experience a variety of seasonal color palettes in shades of green, yellow, orange, red and brown. Be sure to visit the turquoise lakes and several silver-blue rivers that run through the inland, the highlight being the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, with breath-taking lakes and waterfalls. It is like stepping into an open-air museum where photos are welcomed and the colours and sounds meant to be shared.