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Jelačić days

da 27 Set 2017 a 21 Ott 2017

  • Dani Jelačića
  • Dani Jelačića

Jelačić Days is a traditional event in Zaprešić that is held three times per year, to commemorate the birth (October) and death (May) of Ban Josip Jelačić, and on the feast day of St. Joseph (March). Josip Jelačić was a Croatian Ban (viceroy) who symbolised the aspirations of the Croatian peoples for independence from imperial conquerors. After a tumultuous life spent battling for the Croatian interests, he was buried in the Chapel of St. Joseph in Zaprešić in 1859. Therefore, on the Town Day, the people of Zaprešić celebrate the life and work of this great historical figure. The event includes a series of activities, including the Jelačić Ball, equestrian jumping tournament, scooter rally, bicycle rally, International Commercial Fair, and others. Visitors can also see the Jelačić Novi Dvori complex, a valuable example of preserved cultural and historical heritage.