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Rijeka Summer Nights

30 jún 2017 - 21 júl 2017
various locations

  • Rijeka Summer Nights, photo TZG Rijeka

Popular spots in the city, and places that even for the inhabitants of Rijeka find hard to imagine as places with actors and theatre props, will be given for a few weeks into the hands of artists with the most diverse musical and visual expressions. These magical weeks are called Rijeka Summer Nights, and this year they set foot in the life of the city from 30 June to 21 July. For the loyal and new audiences of the summer festival of theatre in Rijeka, a diverse programme has been prepared for spectators of all ages, inclinations and expectations, in which everyone can find something they like. So, it's time for the audience to choose: from comedy to tragedy, from classical to modern, from children’s theatre to 18+, from dance solos to opera spectacles, in short – from Turbo-folk to Aida.