Lika – Karlovac – netaknuti raj opuštajuće tišine

Lika – Karlovac – an unspoilt paradise of relaxing silence

Lika intoxicates with an untouched nature and amazing silence that enables man to listen better to both nature and himself. The therapeutic effect of silence is felt as soon as you step from the seashore into the green area of forests and meadows, leaving behind yourself the outlines of the islands of Rab, Krk and Cres.


The air of Lika, created by the mixing of the fresh mountain and the mild Mediterranean climate, has special characteristics. It has a lower level and pressure of oxygen and a lower level of moisture. Due to this air the people here become and remain robust, long-living and – healthy. Combined with Lika water it makes a winning combination for all those who are looking for a natural remedy for the stress and mental exhaustion which imposes itself in everyday life.


Plitvice Lakes, the oldest Croatian national park and one of the most beautiful natural sights of Europe is made up of 16 wonderful lakes and numerous waterfalls surrounded with rich and often endemic flora and fauna. Here you can find as many as 58 species of orchids amongst which is the Lady’s Slipper - the most beautiful orchid in Europe.

Lovers of walking can enjoy the park following the marked footpaths, whilst there are arranged and marked one-way or circular trails of varying lengths and difficulties for cyclists.

Ivan Čorić

Along with the Plitvice Lakes the most beautiful part of Lika is represented by the valley of the Gacka river which swells up at one end of the Gacka field, and sinks underground at the other.


Lika has one more valuable sight - the little village of Smiljan not far from Gospić where in 1856 the world-famous genius inventor, physicist and futurist Nikola Tesla was born, best known for his contribution to the design of the modern system of AC power. In a tribute to Tesla a same named memorial centre was opened in Smiljan.


Karlovac, a city on the confluence of four rivers – the Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica and Dobra, raised in the 16th century as defence from Turkish conquerors with the town’s core and a fortress in the form of six-pointed star. Only two other towns in Europe have such a layout. Thanks to the Carolina, Louisiana and Josephina roads built in the 18th and 19th centuries, Karlovac was the most important town between the Adriatic and Podunavlje region of that time.

In the surroundings of Karlovac you can enjoy hunting and fishing, canoeing and rafting on the rapids and waterfalls of the four mentioned green rivers or a photo-safari in the forests of Ozalj and Draganić all the way to Modruš, Klek and Petrova Gora.

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch
Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch
Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch

Fans of horse-riding can choose between one-day or multi-day trips offered by several local riding clubs, and also on offer is recreational riding for therapeutic purposes.


The River Dobra is the longest Croatian underground river, which after sinking underground in Ogulin rises up at the village of Gojak, where strengthened with the water of the Zagorska Mrežnica it creates the most exciting rafting section in Croatia. Along the River Dobra there is a bathing centre where you can enjoy swimming or exercising in pools with thermal spring water which with its oligomineral composition is extremely favourable for the work of the heart, kidneys, respiratory tracts, improving general health and conditions, and establishes the equilibrium of centres in the central nervous system.


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