Dalmatia – Šibenik

Dalmatia – Šibenik

The Dalmatia - Šibenik region includes an area of islands, the area known as the Dalmatian hinterland, with the towns of Drniš and Knin, and the city of Šibenik, which is the main city of the region. There are two national parks, Kornati, with 89 islands, islets and cliffs and a unique beauty, and Krka, certainly the most amazing river of the Croatian karst. Of its many waterfalls, the most beautiful are at Skradin and Roški.


Family-owned farms near Krka National Park, in an area of preserved nature and traditional construction, invite you to visit them. The area is has many sites for excursions and trails for walking and bicycling Guests who choose to stay at family farms can enjoy athletic activities, take part in seasonal work, or relax beside the swimming pool. One part of these old stone houses has been reserved for guest accommodations, while the other part has been converted into a restaurant with a wide selection of traditional Dalmatian dishes, wines and brandies. Vineyards and orchards are often located next to these accommodations. The hosts will offer you ecological products, including wine, brandy, prosciutto, olive oil and vegetables. The air is filled with the fragrance of sage, laurel and rosemary, which will certainly give any guest the feeling of primordial nature and pleasant dreams.


In the idyllic ambience of any one of the seven Miljevci villages along the border of Krka National Park, there are rural guest accommodations where you can sample everything that this picturesque area has to provide. Guests will be offered Miljevci prosciutto, cow cheese, various types of brandy, wine, olive oil, and homemade specialties prepared ispod peke (meaning in in a covered pan that is placed directly over an open fire), and barbecue dishes with various types of vegetables from the gardens of your hosts. Locals with long experience working in tourism will acquaint you with the interesting features of their homes and its environs. Here you will find animals, old tools, the nearby vineyards and olive groves, educational paths, the Roški Waterfalls, the mills on the Krka River and the rich cultural-historical heritage of the region. You can also visit the mausoleum of the world-renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, which is in the village of Ružić not far from the town of Drniš.

Dalmatia – Šibenik
Zoran Jelača

The Primošten hinterland, which is known as Primošten Burnji, is also worth a visit. There are several places offering accommodations where you can spend the night and take in the beauty of both the Primošten vineyards and the Adriatic coast.


Other places worth a visit certainly include Šibenik, with the Cathedral of St. James, its four fortresses (St. Mihovil, St. John, Ivan Barone, or Šubićevac, and St. Nicholas on the island of Ljuljevac at the entrance to St. Anthony Channel). You can also visit the Faust Vrančić Memorial Center, which is dedicated to the inventor of the parachute. Other nearby tourist sites are the port of Prvić on the island of the same name, Kornati National Park and the island of Murter – "Vrata Kornata," is attractive for sailors; Sinjal on Mt. Dinara, the highest peak in Croatia (1,831 meters); Mt. Promina with its peak Čavnovka (1,148 meters); Zlarin, an island of coral and coral harvesting and abundant vegetation; and Krapanj, an island of sponges and sponge production with a tradition of diving, which is the smallest and lowest island in the Adriatic. Learn about all of them and share your knowledge with others!


While sightseeing, do not overlook the towns of Knin and Drniš. The Knin fortress is one of the largest and oldest in Europe. Its beauty and mysticism quickly capture the hearts of visitors and enthralls them with its untold stories. If you find yourself in this area during some of the traditional festivals, you are certain to enrich your visit because you will learn much more about the traditions, customs and people of this region.