Getaways for two

There is nothing like Croatia to leave the

monotony and daily routine

behind. Thousands of various and revitalizing

experiences that will make you come back full

of energy. No wonder Croatia is one of the best

destinations in the world for weddings and

honeymoons. The prestigious Harper’s Bazaar

magazine chose Croatia as one of the top

honeymoon destinations for 2016.

Let your heart beat to the

sound of music

in Šibenik, the city which hosts more than ten music festivals every year and where most of the greatest

musicians in the country were born and raised. Beautiful views and spectacular fortresses preserved in time. The

music, beach and history in this charming town that will give you the peace, calm and good mood you are looking



Raise your glass

in a toast to love

in Međimurje. Stroll hand in hand through any of the picturesque villages of the region surrounded by vineyards

which host Urbanovo, the famous eno-gastronomic event in Croatia. During wine tastings, workshops,

performances and tours of the vineyards you can become a true wine expert or just simply enjoy and relax.


Ivo Biočina

There is no perfect romance without romantic views

and when it comes to romantic views there is nothing better than a sunset. From Marinic’s tower on the island of Silba,

also known as “The Tower of Love” for it has its own love story, and its views over the islands of Olib and Premuda to

the spectacular view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik from the top of Mount Srđ, in Croatia you will share sights to take your

breath away.


Did you know that Zadar has the best sunset in the world according to Alfred Hitchcock?

Get closer to the


and feel like you are in the movies. In Istria you will find romantic hilltop towns like Grožnjan or Buzet, the

town of truffles, where you can share a candlelit dinner of handmade pasta with freshly shaved truffles and

perfectly paired wine. Visit the neighboring medieval village of Motovun for its beautiful architecture, art

galleries and feel the magic that has made this place the home of the Motovun Film Festival, the

independent film festival that has become the “hotspot” of the Croatian seventh art.