Welcome to Slavonia – a rich rural tourist region characterized by protected natural, cultural, and ecological resources, broad and fertile fields, oak forests, picturesque vineyards, the mighty Danube, Sava and Drava Rivers, wetlands, and gentle green hills.

The villages of Slavonia are known for their beauty and the preserved tradition of their construction. Many of the homes, built of brick in the 19th century, have retained their original appearance. Today, they have become beautiful touristic village households through expert and careful renovation. With the romantic sounds of the tamburica, the colorful original folklore costumes and performances, and above all, the delicious and unique culinary specialties, Slavonia will offer unforgettable moments to every visitor. If you wish, the locals will let you work on their farms, take you for a carriage ride, tell you about their old customs, organize cooking presentations, horseback riding, bird watching, or a boat ride. You can also go hiking or bicycling, or take part in many other activities, depending on which area you are visiting.

Ivo Biočina

But that is not all! Slavonia is proud of the ancient traditions of its towns. If you have visited the wine cellars of Ilok and tasted their delicious wines, stayed a village home in the area and enjoyed the culinary delicacies, do not forget to visit the museums in Ilok and Vukovar and the Museum of Vučedol Culture in the town of Vučedol.


When you have indulged yourself enough with homemade delicacies and socializing with your hosts in their family home in eastern Slavonia, you can move on to the region of Vinkovci and unwind with a tour of the cultural and historical sites of the city of Vinkovci, the ancient Cibalae.


For those who are more romantic, we recommend a visit to the manor houses of Slavonia and Baranja. You can also visit the large cathedrals in Osijek and Djakovo. Other tourist attractions in Slavonia include folklore performances and local exhibitions and events.


A network of bicycle paths crisscrosses all of Slavonia. Two important international bicycle routes, Drava and Danube, which are part of EuroVelo 6 and EuroVelo 13, also pass through Slavonia. Its bicycle paths pass through fields, villages, vineyards, resorts and settlements, where you can stop to refresh yourself with the well-known Slavonia gastronomy and the outstanding wines, and where you can also can also stay in one of the many bike-friendly accommodations.


You may find it funny, but in mostly flat Slavonia it really is possible to go mountain climbing, thanks to the magnificent Papuk, Požeška Gora, Krndija and Dilj, where you can walk, hike, or climb the mountain and thematic trails.


The hospitality of the people in the many village establishments is rounded out with other activities: canoeing on the Drava and Danube Rivers or through Kopački rit, paintball, swimming at the municipal bathing areas, in the rivers, and at Borovik, Orahovica, or the natural Lake Đola in Darda.


Two nature parks are located in Slavonia and Baranja, Kopački rit and Papuk. Kopački rit in Baranja is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe.


If you want to spend your free time on a walk in the park, and you are staying in a family home in the Valpovo area, be sure to cross through the Valpovo gardens with their forest park. You can also visit Virovitica and Slatina and their monument park architecture with Baroque elements.


After a walk and relaxation, we recommend wine tasting in the small family wineries and on the wine tour. Pinot, chardonnay, merlot, frankovka, graševina and traminac are the wines that we toast you with and invite you to come again!