Lika – Karlovac

Lika – Karlovac

Be our guests in the Lika-Karlovac tourist regions, which represents a kind of border between the coastal and continental parts of Croatia. It is dominated by impressive reliefs, dense forests, and marvelous caves, rivers and lakes. In addition to its natural attractions, you should visit the old rural villages, which have preserved their traditional houses, old towns, fortresses castles and medieval cultural heritage, which will reveal the complex history of the area. On every step of your visit you will feel the harmony between nature and tradition.


The city of Karlovac is an attractive destination for a vacation and fun. It is situated in the heart of Croatia surrounded by four rivers. Family farms scattered in the immediate vicinity of Karlovac, Slunj, Ozalj, Ogulin and Duga Resa offer guests a real holiday and the delights of the natural beauty of the landscape. You can spend the night in these farming communities and enjoy the flavors of homemade meals, and if you visit the wine cellars, your hosts will introduce you to their excellent wines and homemade delicacies.

Lika – Karlovac

If you visit in the summer, you can enjoy cycling, swimming at Sabljaki Lake, fishing, hiking, taking in the cultural sites, and sampling the local specialties. The rafting trip on the Mrežnica River is suitable for families with children.


In Ogulin, visit Ivanina's House of Fairytales, a unique multimedia and interactive center built in the style of a late 19th century home, that takes you back to the time when the writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić lived in Ogulin. We also invite you to visit Đulin Abyss on the Dobra River, which has its own magical story.


We also suggest that you visit Rastoke, a town of watermills that sits at the junction of the Slunjčica and Korana Rivers. It is a pearl of our natural heritage.


You can, of course, continue your touristic research – Lika is calling you. Enjoy the beauties of the Plitvica Lakes and Northern Velebit National Parks and the other rivers and lakes. Plitvica Lakes, with its 16 large and small "emeralds," which the water created by breaking through the dolomite and limestone basins, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.


Another phenomenon of the Lika region is the valley of the Gacka River, which will thrill you with its beauty. Kayaking on the Gacka is an ideal outing for adults and children.


You will also be delighted by Lika’s other attractions, such as the refuge for young bears in Kuterevo, the many caves, like the Cerovac caves in Gračac, the mills on the Gacka River, and the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan. Lika, hidden from the sea by Mt. Velebit, Croatia's highest mountain, provides the traveler with healthy activities, such as walking in its mountain meadows, bicycling through its wooded areas, rafting on fast-flowing rivers, a pleasant mountain climate and comfortable lodgings in traditional rural houses and vacation homes.


Relax in the peaceful setting of rural homes that will serve you delicious, healthy, and traditional dishes made from authentic ingredients that reflect the uniqueness of the setting.


Before leaving Lika, you should, of course, take a walk through Senj and the surrounding areas and discover the cultural-historical heritage. You can refresh yourself in the blue Adriatic and then visit Krasno, one of the largest mountain towns. Here you can find accommodation in traditional houses that offer outstanding local delicacies.


This region will completely relax and enchant you as never before!