City of Zagreb

City of Zagreb

Come to our capital city - a city with a rich history, a city of culture, museums, concerts, sports, a pleasant ambience for socializing, and kind and hospitable residents!


The city is full of interesting things! The focus of your sightseeing should be the historical center of the city - the Lower Town, Kaptol, and the Upper Town - where you will see an extraordinary variety of architecture. The center of the Lower Town is the Square of Ban Josip Jelačić, the main and largest square in Zagreb. Right next to the square is the most famous and longest street in the city, Ilica, which is Zagreb's main street and its central shopping area.


Visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens that have a collection of plants for scientific research. The oldest park in Zagreb is located close to the main square - if you go on foot, you are in Zrinjevac in just a few minutes. Be sure not to miss another park, Maksimir - the first public park in Southeast Europe, but also one of the first in the world. The park preserves the flora and fauna of lowland forests, but it is also home to many other species of plants and animals. You can spend a pleasant day at the zoo and its diverse species of animals.


By now, you are probably tired of walking though the beautiful parks, so before you head to the Upper Town, stop in Tkalčićeva Street, a popular gathering place for all generations, mostly because of the attractive places - coffee shops, restaurants, and pastry shops.

City of Zagreb
Zoran Jelača

You can get to the Upper Town from Tkalčićeva Street, but you can also get there by cable car New sights are awaiting you above! From Tkalčićeva Street you can reach Kaptol - the historic neighborhood around the cathedral of Zagreb with its old architecture. In the center of Kaptol is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Sts. Stephen and Ladislav, which is more simply known as Zagreb cathedral. From the cable car you will first come to the Baroque Church of St. Catherine, and just a little further is the Church of St. Mark and several museums and galleries. You should not miss Klović Palace, the Museum of the City of Zagreb and Lotrščak Tower, which provides a wonderful view of the Upper Town. Below the tower is the Strossmayer Promenade, which has its charms in every season.


If you miss hiking in beautiful nature, it is possible in Zagreb. Go to Sljeme, the name of the peak of Medvednica Mountain, which is a popular excursion destination. It can be reached by car, walking or hiking.


We should also mention Mirogoj, which is an interesting experience. It is the main Zagreb cemetery, located on the slopes of Medvednica, and considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.


The legendary chronicler of Zagreb, Zvonimir Milčec, wrote "Dolac is the most beautiful and the largest monument to food that Zagreb has. For gourmands that old market has the same effect that a cathedral for its devotees." The site of today's market on the hill of Dolac was once a medieval settlement populated by serfs. Today, the market is full of local produce. One can rightly say that Dolac is Croatia in microcosm because the vendors bring their products from family farms from all around Croatia. You will enjoy the contact with the vendors who offer local fruits, vegetables and other products that they have cultivated. Take a look at the fish market - it will delight you. The fresh fish that you wish for comes from the fishermen of the Adriatic.


Dolac is surrounded by coffee bars, shops, wine bars, and bistros. Come and enjoy them, because they are the best places for a morning coffee, meeting friends, or breakfast in the city.


Zagreb is calling – come again if you have not seen and tasted everything!

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