Central Croatia

Central Croatia

Central Croatia is by far the largest tourist region, with many beautifully preserved villages and small, historic towns. Posavina, Pokuplje and Turopolje offer enjoyment in village accommodation that are situated in wooden "vaults" made from oak that preserve centuries-old folk art, experience, knowledge and woodworking skills. A new generation is preserving and adapting them to modern conditions and to the rules of tourism that make for a pleasant stay. If we speak about gastronomy, the rule in life in Posavina is simple - eat a lot and well. The rich offer of traditional local dishes of the local restaurants mirrors the atmosphere of a rural household that you definitely need to experience. And a holiday in Posavina's wooden houses is an unforgettable experience.


Visit the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and spend a night in one of the many wooden houses in the towns around the park that have been renovated for tourists. This area is ideal for recreation. Bicycle rides along the Sava River, walking through the nature park, a visit to the European Swan Village and many other activities may exhaust you, but you can rest with a ride on a boat, the sun boats or canoes.

Central Croatia

If you have decided to combine recreation and culture, visit the city of Sisak, where many traces of Roman civilization are still visible today. A visit to the Municipal Museum will also acquaint you with the historical complexities not only of this region but all of rural Croatia. Velika Gorica is located 16 kilometers south of Zagreb in the middle of the Turopolje region and its long historical and cultural heritage and ecologically protected environment. We also recommend Samobor, which is the most attractive tourist destination in Zagreb County and the cradle of Croatian hiking. It is also well known for its many pastries, including Samobor cremeschnitte.


You should also include in your itinerary for central Croatia the hill region known as Croatia Zagorje and flatlands of Podravina! Here you can enjoy the marvelous culinary offerings in the romantic country establishments of your hosts and visit the Krapina Neanderthal Museum. In the northwestern portion of central Croatia you can visit the city of Varaždin, which is full of tourist events and surprises.  Varaždin is an important cultural and social center and is widely regarded as a city of the Baroque style and music. It is situated on the Drava River, so if you are staying in one of the nearby rural accommodations with a view of the Drava, you can easily enjoy its diverse tourism offer.


When you are in this region, you should also see the city of Čakovec. In addition to the historic center of the old town, Zrinski castle and the Franciscan monastery, it has an excellent gastronomic offer, athletic activities, excursions, and many other events.


In Koprivnica adventurists can enjoy traditional hunting, fishing, mountain climbing and bicycling, while those who are not so inclined have a wide choice of restaurants that offer Podrava cuisine. If you are out cycling, stop at Hlebine, the cradle of Croatian naive art.  Nearby is Đurđevac, a town with a rich cultural and historical past. Its main tourist event is the Legend of the Rooster, which is a depiction of an Ottoman attack on the old town and its defense.


Wine roads connect all of the towns of central Croatia: Plešivica, Zelina and Samobor, Međimurje, Moslavac, Daruvar, Đurđevac, Koprivnica and Varaždin. We invite you to get to know rural in this region because with all that you have managed to experience in central Croatia, you still must visit the many museums and ethnological collections in the villages and small towns that the witnesses to their cultural-historical fate.