Villa Dubrovnik

Villa Dubrovnik

Celebrating the source of life

A lot has been written about Dubrovnik. This enchanting, walled, medieval city, set on the Adriatic is known throughout the world. Every year millions of visitors come experience the beauty that Dubrovnik and its surroundings have to offer. And yet, amid the glamour and the splendor it can be hard to see the true heart of the city, the one thread that ties the present and the past together. Water, the heart and source of Dubrovnik’s life.


Nowhere is this connection more clear than at Villa Dubrovnik. This luxurious oasis is perched on a cliff, overlooking the sea with a view of the city walls, the island of Lokrum, and the vast blue Adriatic. The sea is the first trace of the enduring thread between water and life in the city. Although only a ten minute walk from the heart of the Old City, Villa Dubrovnik is surrounded by a serene peace, set to the sounds of the sea’s timeless waves. The windows of each room are open to the sea’s eternal blue, a view that serves as a beautiful sight, perfect for celebrating any occasion.

The second trace of water’s flow through the course of Dubrovnik’s history is seen in the Villa’s own lobby in a glass water wall, etched with scowling mascherones. These grotesque though recognizable visages can be found throughout the city. Water has always been sacred here. The first plumbing was installed in as far back as 1438 and strict laws govern its use. Today, the city remains full of ancient wells, waiting to be discovered by those who explore the hidden corners of this picturesque town. From the wells flow a thousand stories, even among those less famous than Onofrio’s fountains. Again, the mascherones are scowling and grotesque, but do not be afraid. According to legend the mascherones protect the city, welcoming good people, and keeping evil at bay. You’ll see them as you traverse the city. Many even glare and scowl in the wall leading to Villa Dubrovnik. Like the locals, you’ll even appreciate their presence.


Purification is the third way in which the city celebrates water. And Villa Dubrovnik offers numerous, luxurious spa treatments that relish in the beneficial properties of water. Of course, some say there is no better spa than the pristine Adriatic itself— and Villa Dubrovnik offers a private beach with a breathtaking view, and a private boat that allows guests the chance to explore the scenic coves and beaches along the coast.

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At the end of the day, after you’ve witnessed and experienced the city’s sacred love of water, sit on the Villa’s terrace, holding a glass of wine while a gourmet dinner is prepared for you by a world-class chef. Once again you’ll be surrounded by water, bathing in the soothing sounds of the sea’s waves breaking below. Villa Dubrovnik is a place to contemplate, enjoying luxury and a rich simplicity. A place which celebrates the source of life – water.


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