Sailing - Nature and Relaxation Await

Sailing - Nature and Relaxation Await

The Croatian sea cannot yet be called Disneyland for sailors, but that might change very soon. Whatever your yachting background may be, whether you are a committed competitor or you love long romantic sailing trips, you will find the perfect way to enjoy sailing in the Croatian seas. Experience that exquisite peace that is typical of sailing, hear nothing but the sea under the rudder in many destinations in Croatia.


You can see fleets of sailboats of different types and sizes along the Croatian coast, and you can moor your vessel in as many as 70 marinas. They are just the starting point for a good time at sea and they will be waiting for you after your afternoon sailing trip. You can also find your permanent berth there at the end of the season. Sailing in Croatia is also very popular because you can choose from a wide variety of sailboats for rent. When you go sailing along the Croatian coast, you will reconnect with breathtakingly beautiful nature.


Sailing is a symbol of ultimate freedom and independence, and adjusting your course to favourable weather and wind, and just enjoying the moment is a familiar experience to anyone who has ever tried and loved this ancient skill that is so beautifully interpreted by modern yachtsmen. Croatia will give new meaning to sailing freely because you are not limited by your options. On the contrary, they are so numerous that every choice is the right choice. Then you can experience true freedom. The distance, route and duration of your sailing route become your allies, and the indented islands will almost always provide a good berth and/or good fun.

Aleksandar Gospić

The climate also contributes to an enjoyable sailing experience in Croatia. You can look forward to warm seas and favourable winds that work together to offer you the best sailing conditions. Sunscreen is often the most important piece of equipment for sailing in Croatia considering the number of sunshine hours.

The wind directions provide you with additional safety at sea because they point you towards numerous passages and channels between the islands. You can choose the conditions under which you sail much like you can choose the softness of the pillow in a good hotel. The thermal wind during the day is replaced by a light night-time breeze. Whether you find yourself moored at the local waterfront or sailing under the stars then is up to you. When the powerful south wind starts, the only choice you need to make is whether you will surf the waves or go against the wind. When bora, the queen of the Adriatic winds, starts, you can enjoy its strength from a safe location

Kristina Peračić

You can take a break from sailing and jump into the green and blue lagoons, find refreshment in small island towns or enjoy the comfort of the marinas. You can do all of that while you listen to the wind and nature calling you.