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Croatia is divided into four wine regions

The Croatian Uplands are one of four Croatian wine-growing regions, spanning the entire central and northwestern part of Croatia and the areas of Međimurje, Zagorje, Prigorje, Plešivica and Moslavina.

Dalmatia has some of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in Croatia, which include difficult-to-reach and challengingly steep slopes that produce superior specimens of grapevines.

In the regions of Istria and Kvarner, vines have been cultivated since ancient times, and today, the wines produced here are praised for their superior quality. 

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The Slavonia and Podunavlje Wine Region is characterised by large vineyard-covered areas that produce the highest volume of wines in the entire country, and its winegrowing tradition dates back to ancient Roman times.

The cultivation of grapes and production of select wines is a centuries-old tradition among Croatian viticulturists both in continental Croatia, in the Primorje area (the Littoral) and Dalmatia. 

Some of the best known varieties of Croatian red wines along the Adriatic coast and on the islands are: Dingač, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet, Opolo, Plavac, Postup, and the most appreciated of the white wine varieties are: Malvasia, Pošip, Pinot, Kujundžuša, Žlahtina and Muscat. 

In continental parts one can enjoy the famous Riesling, Graševina, Traminac and others. 

Wine Roads

They are designed to lead visitors through vineyards and take them on a tour of local landmarks.

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Marked paths along the wine roads have wine cellars and restaurants where visitors can recuperate with a glass of local wine and traditional dishes.

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