Dalmatia - Zadar

Dalmatia - Zadar

It is impossible to talk about gastronomy and enology in Zadar without mentioning the world famous Maraschino cherry liqueur. However, this is not the only flavour of the region that will win you over: just try the cheese from Pag, the most highly-prized cheese in Croatia, soaked with flavours of Mediterranean plants. You should also try the brodet, fish and crab stew, the grilled fish salted with the famous Pag and Nin salt or the Ninski šokol, dried pork neck soaked in the red wine of Benkovac.

Home of the indigenous Marasca cherry and Maraschino

Northern Dalmatia is in the centre of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The islands, coastline and hinterland of the Zadar region offer everything that today makes Mediterranean cuisine the most popular in the world, and which is acclaimed equally amongst doctors who are researching the healthy diet and the most respected culinary critics in the search for powerful, perfectly harmonised flavours.


In the Zadar region we come across both Mediterranean extremities: the bare sun-exposed rocky regions where only the most sturdy of therapeutic plants of the Kornati archipelago survive, from which only the most hardy sheep, goats, donkeys, wild game and bees live from, and the most fertile agricultural areas of Ravni Kotari, from where the most sought after fruit and vegetables come to Croatian markets.


In this unique area the best cherries in the world, the famous Marasca cherries also thrive. In such a magnificent natural environment, a gastronomic sensation had to come to the fore by creating superb recipes amongst which is the globally known one for the liqueur Maraschino. In spite of a number of imitations, Maraschino is only made in Zadar from indigenous Marasca cherries, consistently respecting the procedure which was devised three centuries ago.



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