Mini Campsites

Mini campsites ... small and family-run campsites

You will get to know the customs of certain parts of Croatia better in the intimate atmosphere of smaller, so-called ‘mini campsites’ each providing up to about 30 accommodation units, making up a maximum of about 100 guests. The space made available to campers is mainly within family estates and courtyards.

You will find such camps down the whole Adriatic coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik, and together with a few other campers you can enjoy your holiday in the shade of olive trees, pine and palm branches, close to vineyards, beaches, the sea, or other beautiful natural attractions. Indeed it might also happen that you find yourself having all this to just yourself, with no other guests around at all. In the mini-campsites, which are mostly located in beautiful locations, you will also enjoy the delicacies prepared for you by your hosts with any new-found friends. Perhaps this might be the fish that you caught yourself, at that special spot shown to you by your host. Your host will also ensure that, in addition to local cuisine, you also get familiar with the natural beauty that surrounds his campsite. They may organise sightseeing or help you with reaching a nearby National Park, small medieval town or a larger tourist destination or island. And they will also ensure entertaining evenings for you and the other campers. All this is more than enough to complement the cultural, sporting and recreational opportunities offered by the campsite and its immediate surroundings. However, the small size of some Croatian campsites does not necessarily mean a lack of equipment: in addition to a tent or camper, you can also stay in rented camper-vans or mobile-homes. The smallest campsites have only about a dozen accommodation facilities, but each one is a unique place.


As far as availability goes in Croatia, the largest number of ‘mini campsites’ are in Dalmatia, in the Zadar and Dubrovnik regions, and on some islands. Some are also found in inland Croatia, along rivers or beside lakes and not far from the major Croatian tourist destinations. In continental Croatia, such campsites are becoming more numerous each year. They are an ideal holiday base for sightseeing tours around the inland regions and discovering the charms of the Croatian interior. Some of these campsites are located in some of the most attractive parts of the Croatian interior and, gathering around a pleasant fire with the other campers, you may well stay there for longer than you originally planned. For those travelling in camper-vans, ‘mini campsites’ are an ideal choice for accommodation.

All in all, their biggest draw is having everything needed for a relaxing holiday in contact with nature and amongst natural sights, with a personal touch from their hosts.

And this is what camping is all about.