Lika – Karlovac

Lika – Karlovac

What would it be like to have sandy beaches, one of the world’s most beautiful national parks and the slopes of Croatia’s largest mountains all on your doorstep?

Well, you can find out if you visit Lika and Karlovac, a uniquely beautiful region of unblemished natural landscapes, rich in forests, lakes and rivers, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet.


Tourists visiting this part of Croatia can avail themselves of smaller campsites in idyllic rural settings alongside the rivers. Rafting and canoeing safaris can also be enjoyed on those rivers. The region’s crowning glory is the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, whose 16 lakes, all connected via waterfalls, are quite phenomenal. This is the oldest and most-visited national park in Croatia, and is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. The Northern Velebit National Park is also located here, a part of Croatia’s mightiest mountain chain rising up to divide Lika from the Adriatic Sea.


On the northern slopes of this lies Krasno, one of Croatia’s largest mountain resorts. Here, within the Velebit Nature Park, you will find the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Krasno, where believers from all over Croatia gather every year on the Feast of the Assumption (15th of August). As well as religious tourism, or just strolling in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, or going on longer hikes, tourists can also explore the ever-increasing opportunities for hunting or caving in the Lika-Karlovac region. You will encounter some of the regional highlights at your dinner table too, so make sure you don’t leave Lika before you have tasted Lika’s special variety of potato, which has obtained an official protected status guaranteeing its origin, and škripavac cheese. And be sure to treat your taste buds to some of the local aperitifs, such as plum or pear brandy, or blueberry liqueur. Karlovac, the capital of the county of Karlovac, can be reached via the historic ‘Josephina’ road from Senj. Senj is the capital of Lika-Senj county and the largest town on the Croatian coast between Rijeka and Zadar. The city of Karlovac lies on four rivers, the Kupa, Korana, Dobra and Mrežnica, and is 60 kilometres from the Croatian capital Zagreb. It is well-known for its old town, which is in the shape of a six-pointed star with a central square and streets intersecting at right-angles.

Ivo Biočina
This region also includes the northern part of the island of Pag, an island of stone, salt, lace, partying, and multiple award-winning cheese redolent of local aromatic herbs. The island is split between Lika-Senj county and Zadar county. On Pag campers will find options to stay in beautiful small natural bays dotted along nicely contoured beaches.


Lika – Karlovac

A romantic union with nature.

Welcome to the landscape of dreams

Lika - Karlovac

Into the wild

With its rivers, springs, mountains, woods and untouched forests, and not to mention lakes, pools, gorges and caves, the inland region of Lika-Karlovac has  Croatia’s highest concentration of national and natural parks.