Vranjača Cave

Vranjača Cave

At the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland, only a half-hour drive from the city of Split, lies one of the most beautiful gems of the karst landscape, Vranjača Cave. Due to its significant value, it was placed under protection as a geomorphological natural monument back in 1963. The cave can be reached via an asphalt road that passes through the town of Dugopolje and ends in the villages of Kotlenica and Punde (25 km); after that, a 300 m gravel path leads directly to the cave entrance.


Vranjača is situated at the foot of the central part of Mosor Mountain, on its northern slopes, and consists of two parts. Locals have known about the bare entry part since antiquity, while the second part was discovered in 1903 by a landowner of the area when he passed through a narrow passage in search of a wounded pigeon. The cave was opened to the public in 1929. The entry hall leads into the second hall through a small natural passage. The second hall consists of 9 smaller parts, each with a different name and filled with stalactites and stalagmites, columns and arcades of different shapes. When passing through the cave, you get the impression that there is a new passage at every turn, between the pillars and stalagmites. Some halls seem almost supernatural with their blue and green colours, while others shimmer due to a large number of natural crystals.


The cave channels are about 365 m long in total, and it takes about an hour to tour them. The temperature inside the cave remains the same throughout the year at 15°C, so it can be visited all year round since the outside weather conditions have no significant effect on what goes on inside. There is a pathway inside the cave, steps with handrails made of rope, artificial lighting, and doors. The richness of its formations makes it the most beautiful cave open to the public in Dalmatia. Near the entrance to the Vranjača Cave lies the starting point for the hiking trail that leads to the most famous peak of Mosor Mountain, Vickov stup (1.325 m).


Landscaped surroundings, with stone and wooden benches and tables, the pine forest and pure nature, sightseeing the beautiful Vranjača Cave... There are many reasons to visit this picturesque area.


Take in the magical beauty of the Vranjača Cave, a gem of the karst Zamosorje area!



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