“Underground Secrets of Paklenica” Visitor Centre

“Underground Secrets of Paklenica” Visitor Centre

Deep inside the Velika Paklenica canyon, there are hidden underground tunnels commonly known as “Bunkers”, built in 1950–1953. What lies behind the walled-in shafts of the Velika Paklenica bunkers was top secret until the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence, when the space was used as storage by the Croatian Army. After the war ended, the tunnels were given to the Paklenica National Park Public Institution for permanent use. After recognising their potential, the Institution began transforming them into a presentation centre. Years of hard work finally paid off in August 2016, when the “Underground Secrets of Paklenica” presentation centre was opened to the public.


The space is much more than a presentation centre; it also offers a multifunctional hall called the “Little Climbing Centre”. It contains an indoor rock-climbing wall where you, your family and friends can make your first foray into climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and speleology. There are several screens on the walls of the hall, which offer an interactive and fun way to learn about the basics of climbing with the help of the “Short Dictionary of Climbing”, “Short History of Climbing” and “School of Knot-Tying”.


In the second part of the centre you will learn more about climbers who have been to Paklenica, as well as details from the life of Dragutin Brahm, the first climber of Paklenica. You will also become familiar with the activities and work of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and hear some interesting stories on rescuers and their experiences. Their offices are located inside the centre because these skilful and experienced people ensure the safety of visitors during the climbing season.


The final part of the centre contains the “Backpack” exhibition. Here you will be able to find an overview of recommendations on preparing for hiking and checking to see if you have the right kind of equipment before setting off on further exploration of Paklenica and Velebit. For those who wish to take away a memento, the centre also has a souvenir shop, as well as a café where you can relax with some refreshments. The presentation centre is open every day in the period from May to September; other dates can be found at the National Park’s website.


Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about mountaineering at the

“Underground Secrets of Paklenica” visitor centre!



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