Samograd Cave

Samograd Cave

If you ever wonder where you can go to escape the summer heat and the noise of crowded cities, and find some natural refreshment, then the Grabovača Cave Park is the perfect choice for you. This unique area that consists of 9 speleological sites will take you back thousands of years into the past. Among these, only the Samograd Cave is adapted for tourist visits, and can only be entered in the company of a Park guide. It is situated on the Grabovača hill, at the end of an 800-metre-long, moderately challenging trail, whose slope is made easier in part by steps made of wood and stones, which start at the Park’s souvenir shop and information desk.


The Park is dominated by hills reaching the height of around 770 metres, which form part of the continental area of central Velebit. The Park is situated between the karst Lika plateau and the Perušić field, in the vicinity of the Lika river’s karst basin. Grabovača can be reached by car or bus. The Park itself is located south-west of Perušić, in the direction of the river Lika, outside the hamlet of Kaniža.


All of the caves in the Park are connected by a trail that leads you through the forest, tree-covered hillsides, and inlets in the rockface next to the caves, where you will find information on each cave and its history. Walking down the trail, regardless of the time of year, is the best way to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the area, tire yourself out, and relax your mind.


The Samograd Cave is located in a sinkhole that can be entered by concrete steps with railings. Inside the cave the stone steps are hand-carved and over 100 years old, and the railings are made of wood. The cave is open to the public every day during the spring, summer and autumn. The temperature inside the cave reaches 8°C on average, so long sleeves and sturdy shoes are recommended.


The Park offers a unique experience during each season. It’s hard to pick a season when it looks best – in winter, when the earth is in a state of rest underneath a thick cover of snow, or in spring, when nature awakes and everything is in bloom. Or perhaps in summer, when everything is green and fresh, or in autumn, which offers a bounty of fruits and surreal shades of yellow, gold and dark red.


Enjoy the Grabovača Cave Park, and nature at its purest!



“Pećinski park Grabovača” Public Institution

Trg popa Marka Mesića 2 (municipal building), Perušić 53202

Tel.: +385 53 679 233

Guide: +385 99 212 7587

Superintendent: +385 99 201 4223