Pazin Cave

Pazin Cave

Istria is distinguished by a large number of natural attractions, one of which is certainly the Pazin Cave, which is actually the gorge of the river Pazinčica, the largest subterranean river in Istria. The cave is located in central Istria, and the well-known Pazin Castle was built above it. As an interesting tidbit, the Pazinčica river once flowed above ground, all the way to the sea, forming the Lim valley. Now the river “disappears” in this very pit and flows deep underground.


The Pazin Cave is a legally protected speleological site that isn’t specially adapted for visitors. Visits are nature- and eco-friendly and offer a unique experience of the subterranean world, a true and once-in-a-lifetime adventure in unspoiled nature. You are in for an interesting walk that is available to anyone healthy enough to complete it. Visits are not permitted for unaccompanied children and individuals with impaired motor skills.


The underground portion of the trail is around 200 m long and ends in a large hall and an underground lake that measures 80 m across. Inside the speleological site, there is a small zip line that leads to the bank of the lake, which adds to the uniqueness of this speleological adventure. After the underground tour, visitors follow the same path back. The total difference in elevation is around 118 m.


The tour is available during July and August and takes around 2.5 hours. Tour guides are experienced speleologists and they will provide you with all the necessary equipment (helmets and lights).


Experience a true speleological adventure in the beautiful Pazin Cave that will take you a hundred metres underground, beneath medieval castle walls!



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