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Discover a different way of getting to know the country through its rivers. Gaze at Trakošćan from the lake beneath the castle or at Ozalj and Dubovac while rowing on the River Kupa, at the mills of Radmanove Mlinice on the River Cetina or at the island of Visovac with a monastery that sits uniquely in the middle of the lake formed by the River Krka.Traditional Croatian canoes are called “trupice” and are still used today as they used to hundreds of years ago in the Neretva Delta. Canoeing has been a tradition in Croatia for centuries but it will need very little time to conquer you.


Find your own way to undiscovered sights from rivers like the Dobra, Mrežnica, Una, Kupa, and Korana in the north and the Cetina or Zrmanja that sit in the middle of national parks in the south. Live exciting fluvial adventures or navigate through the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea and let your feelings guide you in expeditions across beautiful islands such as Trogir, included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, Šolta Island, Brač Island or any of the other 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rock and 78 reefs.


In recent years kayaking in Croatia has been an essential form of adventure which offers plenty of fun for all those looking for the true experience of untouched nature and who are ready to find happiness with their own strengths. It doesn’t matter if you row in a sit-on-top or a sit-inside kayak, because the feeling of rowing on the very surface of the sea is a privilege reserved only for kayakers. Regardless of whether you are in one of the large towns by the sea or purposely arrived at one of the protected pearls or if you love the open sea and an adventure under the bow of a kayak, Croatia with its thousand plus islands and islets offers plenty of locations which will leave you breathless. The specific quality of rowing a kayak is in the ease and directness of the touch with the element of water, and besides the crystal clear sea and untouched rivers, by kayak, it is possible to slip into hidden coves and visit some of the natural phenomena and cultural heritage.


Therefore, we have prepared a list of the
top 20 kayaking destinations in Croatia.

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