Veliko Trojstvo

EDEN finalist 2006/2007

Veliko Trojstvo

Traditional soul (Tradicijska duša)

Take the Bilogora Tourist Path and discover the landscape of the Veliko Trojstvo municipality, discover the beauty of traditional architecture at the ethno village and its ethno house where the great statesman of the past century, Josip Broz Tito, lived from 1921 until 1925. Head along the hiking, riding or cycling trail until you reach a lavender field and a traditional Roma ethno house owned by the Đurđević family. Take a break at hospitality venues and excursion spots, get to know family farms, try the local wine, cheese, honey and meat delicacies.


Enjoy the art, explore the “Svijetle pruge” gallery of wooden sculptures in the open  and the discover the richness of Bilogora forests, fields, vineyards and orchards, visit the Marian shrine in Paulovac, relax at the Sandrovac fishponds and do not miss the Bilogora čardak, a faithful replica of an old medieval lookout. This place is also known as an observatory from which you have a great view of the Bilogora hills on the one side, and the mountains Kalnik and Zagrebačka gora on the other.


The Bilogora Tourist Path has 19 stops and it is difficult to decide where to start and where to finish your vacation. The pleasant gentle landscape of Veliko Trojstvo is ideal for an active vacation and spending time outdoors. It is hard to resist.