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EDEN finalist 2006/2007

Veliko Trojstvo

Traditional soul (Tradicijska duša)


The rural landscape of Veliko Trojstvo is calling you with its green songs of the countryside! The diligent hands of our residents combine cultural heritage and the landscape, ščipance (domestic pasta) with a glass of wine and the wake-up call with fairy braids and the joyous neighing of horses. On the Bilogora tourist path, you will come across traditional architecture, the Ethno Park with its ethno house which is registered in the Register of Cultural Monuments as "The house in which Marshal Tito lived in Veliko Trojstvo", the master of golden hands. The ethno collection has about 1,000 items of Bilogora cultural heritage. The foot path, bridle path and cycling path will take you to the lavender fields, a traditional Roma crop, and the Roma ethno house of the Đurđević family. All the luxury of Bilogora forests and mythological creatures are maintained in the “Fair Trails”, an open-air wooden sculpture gallery. From Vidikovac the view is of Bilogora slopes on one side, and on the other side of Kalnik and Medvednica. Come, ruddy faces welcome you warmly!