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EDEN finalist 2008/2009

Učka Nature Park

The mountain with a magnificent view


The Učka Nature Park includes the same named mountain and part of theĆićarija massif, and it extends along the western coast of the Kvarner Bay, on one of the northernmost points of the Mediterranean. The proximity of the sea and various climatic conditions have contributed to the development of a markedly diverse flora and fauna. A specific feature of this region is also reflected in the extraordinary connection of the natural richness and human activity, and the numerous material remains and archaeological sites bear witness to man's habitation of these areas since prehistoric times.


At Vojak, in 1911 a tower was built – a lookout point that today is the symbol of the park, and due to the magnificent view of 360 degrees that extends from Vojak, this is an unmissable spot during a visit to the park. Besides lovers of mountain biking and hiking, Učka is also a mecca for fans of free climbing. Namely, the Vela Draga canyon, a geological natural monument with 62 arranged climbing routes, during the spring and summer months is swarming with climbers.