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EDEN finalist 2014/2015

Town of Buzet

Feel Buzet, experience Buzet!


Buzet is situated in the heart of the northern part of Istria. The Old Town of Buzet is located on a 150-meter high hill overlooking the fertile valley of the Mirna River, while the newer part of the town known as Fontana, developed at the bottom of the hill. Buzet is also known as the town of truffles because it is located in a zone in which the most valuable underground mushrooms grow. Besides the Old Town, Buzet is surrounded by several hills on which are located small medieval towns and the Cicarija mountain that protects it from the harsh winter and provides a good climate for the growth of olive trees and grapevines. Hum, the smallest town in the world maintains the tradition of choosing the prefect and Roc keeps Glagolitic heritage. They are connected by a 7 km-long road on which there are 11 monuments dedicated to this period. The high number of valleys and hills makes this destination suitable for outdoor sports, so here you can try climbing, paragliding, cycling and hiking. If you are more interested in gastronomy, visit our taverns and restaurants where you can try traditional dishes, and definitely do not forget to taste the truffles.