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‘Staro Selo’ museum Kumrovec

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EDEN finalist 2010/2011

‘Staro Selo’ museum Kumrovec

The most famous village in the world


The region of the Kumrovec municipality is famous for its many monuments and museum spaces, such as: the stone obelisk on which is carved the text of the Croatian national anthem ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’ by writer Antun Mihanović, the ‘Staro Selo’ Museum – the largest traditionally organized ethno village in Croatia which enchants its visitors with its authentic look and way of life of a Zagorje village from the beginning of the 20th century, inside which is also the birth house of Josip Broz Tito, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snow, the Razvor Manor where Duchess Sidonija Rubido Erdödy lived – the first Croatia opera singer who sang in Croatian, the Kumrovec Villa (famous as Tito’s residence), the Popijač Gallery, the Ulama museum-gallery, the Zdenac well and the Zelenjak Protected Landscape – Risvička Gora.


Due to the high levels of its developed infrastructure, Kumrovec could become a center for rural, cultural and recreational tourism in the future.