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EDEN finalist 2006/2007


Roč was established in prehistoric times as a settlement and its shape and influence remained throughout the Roman period. The fortification was built in the Middle Ages, and it was mentioned for the first time in a writtern document in 1064. From the 12th to 15th centuries Roč developed into an urban settlement. In a clash between the local population and the Venetian forces the defensive walls were destroyed. 


However, in 1421 Venice allowed them to be rebuilt. From the 12th to 20th centuries Roč was one of the most important Croatian literacy, printing and publising centers - based on the oldest Croatian alphabet - the Glagolic script. In Roč the first Croatian printed book ‘Missal’ from 1483 was prepared for printing according to Duke Novak’s ‘Missal’ from 1368, which was held in Nugla at that time.


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