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Winner of the 2009/2010
Grad Nin

Winner of the 2009/2010


The most romantic destination of Europe


The national winner of European Destination of Excellence for 2009/2010, on the theme of ‘Aquatic tourism’ was the little town of Nin. For the overall tourist offer, in other words the offer of accommodation capacities, traditional catering offer, the possibility of active tourism, revived cultural heritage and events based by water and on water. Special attention was focused on the employment of the local population in the tourism sector, the promotion of new products and development plans with the purpose of increasing the value of the destination. The preservation of the natural heritage, the protection of biological diversity and the quality of souvenirs, made from local materials at affordable prices, gave the destination additional points.


The first capital of the Croats – Nin belongs amongst the oldest towns of the Mediterranean because in the middle of a shallow lagoon on a small island life began here 3,000 years ago. A real island – the open-air museum preserves the testimonies of many civilisations whose traces can be experienced with a walk around the heart of the old town's romantic streets. Nin has a salt works based on a thousand year old tradition of the ancient Romans, via a natural process salt is obtained even to this day. Nearby is the largest site of healing mud with an organised summer clinic. Near to Nin is the Zaton campsite – one of the most popular in Croatia, a school for kitesurfing and others, and its natural richness includes a sandy beach, medicinal mud areas, rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.



2009/2010: ‘Aquatic Tourism’ 

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