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EDEN finalist 2009/2010


One of the lowest and smallest inhabited islands in the Adriatic sea


Krapanj is an island in the Sibenik achipelago, covering an area of only 0.36 km2; it is one of the smallest and lowest inhabited islands in the Adriatic and it is only 400 m off the shore. Due to the alleyways and stone houses, the atmosphere on this island has remained almost preserved.


 The Monastery of the Holy Cross holds a special position, in whose place in 1523 a church was built which was upgraded to its present design in 1937. The monastery holds state protected treasures. The most valuable exhibits are the ‘Last Supper’ (16th century) and the ‘Black Madonna on the Throne’ (Renaissance). The monastery library also holds other treasures, such as biblical books from 1474 and 23 incunabula. The monastery has opened a small museum that contains a collection of sponges, corals, amphorae and ancient tableware.


Krapanj has a rich history pf deep sea diving, primarily in the harvesting and selling of sea sponges. Antun from Crete introduced Krapanj's inhabitants to diving and sea sponge gathering/processing over 300 years ago. For many years diving for sponges was a major source of income for Krapanj’s families.Today only a few of them are still sponge divers.