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EDEN finalist 2009./2010.


Town on four rivers


You can’t miss Karlovac. If you're going to the sea, it's on the way. If you're going to Zagreb, it's on the way. If you're going to Plitvice Lakes, again it's on your way. However, for an increasing number of both Croatian and foreign visitors, Karlovac is a place to stop, relax, and enjoy the nature, rivers and various events on offer during the spring and summer, when the town of greenery and four rivers turns into one of the most interesting destinations in the continental part of Croatia.


Karlovac is the perfect destination for those who are unsure whether to spend a short break in another town or in the countryside, as Karlovac is both of these! And don’t forget Dubovac Castle, the ancient fortress that watches over the town, and which CNN this year included in its 20 must-see places in Croatia. The vantage point from which you can see the whole town and the guard tower, which has been turned into a museum full of interesting exhibits, and which is worth visiting at any time of year, especially in May during the Medieval Fair or in September when ‘Weekend at Dubovac Castle’ is held.