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EDEN finalist 2009/2010


Embraced by the Danube River and the Fruska Gora hills


Have you ever experienced the grand, powerful, European Amazon – the Danube River?


If not, come to Ilok, a place where all the senses are relaxed and the atmosphere makes you feel slightly romantic.


The bank of the Danube in Ilok, with an estuary, promenade, beach, cruise ships dock and recreational – the tourism facilities are located at the foot of the elevated medieval Acropolis (15th century). Enjoy exploring the flow of the Danube, the historical center with its fortress, Church of St John Capestrano, Odescalchi castle with the Museum of Ilok, old wine cellars, rare Ottoman monuments and park. Everything here is easy to reach: fishing, swimming, tennis, golf, a tour with the tourist train or via the ‘Danubius’ ship, the Danube cycling and wine routes, the Liska walking trail, ‘The Sultan’s Trail’ hiking route and the Ilok Wine Road.


Try the Croatian type of Danube gastronomy: Ilok chevap, fish stew or tashke, as well as the best European Traminer and Ilok premium wines, right there, where it is actually made, embraced by the Danube River and Fruska Gora hills.