EDEN finalist 2009/2010


Embraced by the Danube River and the Fruska Gora hills

At the centre of the cultural and historic complex you will discover the remains of the Roman fort Cuccium, a fortress from the 14th and 15th century which used to be the seat of Nicholas of Ilok, Ban of Croatia and King of Bosnia, then the church and sanctuary of St. John of Capistrano, rare Ottoman monuments - a türbe and Turkish bath from the era of Suleiman the Magnificent, a castle which houses the present Ilok City Museum and the old wine cellar of the Odescalchi castle.


Head to the Danube bank, walk along the promenade, enjoy your favourite drink on one of the many restaurant terraces or take a ride on the excursion boat Danubius. Walking, cycling, swimming, tennis, golf - everything is available to you in Ilok. 


Apart from being one of the most attractive towns in this part of Europe, Ilok is also a popular wine and culinary destination that even the old Romans used to call “the delight of the world” or delicium mundi. The history of winemaking and viticulture in the vineyards of Syrmia is over 2000 years old. Wine cellars from the 15th and 18th century are still used today and maintain precious archives. They were used to bottle special cases of wine 200 years before Bordeaux or Burgundy in order to preserve its quality. The superb Gewürztraminer made this Croatian region famous across the globe.