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EDEN finalist 2009/2010


The highland riviera


Fužine is a beautiful little highland town 730 meters above sea level, at the spot where the mountains join the sea, only 30 kilometers from the sea. Fužine can be easily reached because it is situated just a kilometer from the Rijeka-Zagreb highway.


The untouched nature, pleasant accommodation and gastronomic offer are Fužine's best known features. The excellent restaurants will offer you specialties of wild game, mushrooms, trout and sweets of forest fruits.


The natural attractions include the Vrelo cave and the Bajer and Lepenica lakes. Summertime refreshment, fishing and boat trips are also possible. Attractive walking, cycling and hiking trails have been marked, also on offer are horse riding, carriage rides, a tour on the little tourist train and a trip on the tourist boat around the lake. A new attraction is the Roswell cowboy settlement, where the new ‘Winnetou’ film was shot. ‘Summer in Fužine’ is a traditional event, as well as the famous outdoor ‘New Year Send Off' event held every 31st December precisely at noon.