Trakošćan Forest Park and Castle

EDEN finalist 2008/2009

Trakošćan Forest Park and Castle

Castle Trakošćan - The Pearl of Croatian Zagorje

Trakošćan is a beautiful, almost surreal, fairy tale and one of the most romantic places you have ever seen. It is a castle located in Hrvatsko zagorje, near Varaždin, with a park and a lake, the history of which spans almost 800 years. It used to be a small lookout fort and part of the defence system for north-western Croatia. Trakošćan often changed owners until Count Drašković turned it into one of the most beautiful castles in the 19th century. 


The castle is a cultural and historic monument of great importance and one of the rare structures in Croatia with its own material neatly preserved. For over half a century it has contained a museum with a valuable collection of paintings, furniture, weapons and priceless objects from the Renaissance until Historicism. They are exhibited in the original interior space of the castle and they represent the life of the nobility and the Drašković family in Trakošćan. You can even play the early 19th century piano in the music salon.


Discover the natural wonders of the forest park Trakošćan and its surroundings by taking the educational path “Puta vila” (Fairy Path) with 20 educational stops. It is 5 kilometres long and takes about 2 hours of walking. Take a break at the fisherman's cottage, one of the information spots. Enjoy the peace and calm of the beautiful Hrvatsko zagorje.