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EDEN finalist 2014/2015

Drniš hinterland

Drniš - an undiscovered jewel of rural tourism


When we say Drniš we think of the main attractions like Roški Slap, the holy island of Visovac, the Čikola canyon, Promina mountain, Ivan Meštrović and the excellent gastronomic offer.


The great diversity of Drniš is important for the development of selective forms of tourism that are primarily based on rural and active tourism.


In addition to tangible, cultural and natural heritage, this area is proud of rich in intangible heritage and tradition, which many cultural clubs look after.


Drniš area is a special culinary destination, because to pass through Drniš and not try the prosciutto of Drniš, lamb with young onion, sheep’s cheese, and the homemade bread would be “a sin”.


The traditional gastronomic offer along with great wines such as Merlot and Debit will provide a memorable travel event for every guest.


Rural households wait for you with open doors and open hearts , known for their hospitality which speaks a thousand languages.


With its rich gastronomy offer, the Drniš area becoming increasingly attractive destination for recreational tourism with its natural beauty and rich historical heritage.


Come, see and taste the flavor of the Drniš area.