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EDEN finalist 2012/2013


Visit Daruvar and love life


Daruvar – a town that loves life, is located at a source of health, healing and refreshment in the natural therapeutic thermal waters. It stretches out in the natural extension of the basin of the Toplica river, in a place where central and eastern Croatia touch. The town has a long and rich history based on the natural resources such as the springs of therapeutic thermal water, rivers and lakes, forested and hilly meadows, a region which has always been inhabited and which is witnessed to by the many archaeological finds from all historical periods. It is adorned with many cultural monuments and religious buildings plus the traditions of grape growing, superb wine production, and beer brewing to old Czech recipes. The centuries-old tradition of wine growing is interwoven in the production of the nectar of wine, which due to its high quality has won numerous global acknowledgments.


Entertainment, culture, natural beauty, cuisine, sports recreation, rehabilitation, medicinal and wellness programs are just part of the various tourist offer in which you will certainly find something for yourself. Towns in an oasis of peace such as Daruvar are rare, and yet with such great possibilities for an active holiday and events for every season of the year.