Ludbreg – Centre of the World
On April 1st, Ludbreg, a small town in north-western Croatia in the region of upper Podravina, at the very gateway to the region of Zagorje, will be celebrating Centre of the World Day. This event has made this small town famous all around the world.

Centre of the World Day is celebrated every year on April 1st, a date taken from the records of the Pauline abbot Honorius on which, in 1141, Ludbrega was born in the town of Varaždinske Toplice. She was the daughter of the steward of the count's estate, and the events surrounding her life, according to the records, have discovered that Ludbreg is the centre of the world, and it is after her that the town was named. She has become the patron of the town because, as the legend says, she banished Satan with a wooden crucifix into the earth with such force that, on the opposite side of the Earth Antipodravina exploded and only a tiny volcanic island, the Antipodes.

The Romans built a town on the site of today's Ludbreg, having observed its good geographical location. The town, Castrum Ioviu, had a complete infrastructure, sewage-system, forum and hot springs and has developed into a commercial and transport centre. Ludbreg was built on its foundations. It is from this era that the legend dates, saying that it is in this town where the earth's circles were imagined, on which the world's great cities lie.

This legend, believed by many in Ludbreg since antiquity, was confirmed by Dr. Erasmus Weddingen, a Swiss, a frequent visitor to the Restoration centre and a Ludbreg enthusiast, by pure chance. He was playing with a chart divider and a map, and taking Ludbreg as the centre, he made circles on it, noticing that on this imagined line there really were major cities located, not only in Croatia, but wider. The closest proof of this legend are the cities closest to us: Varaždin, Koprivnica, Čakovec and Varaždinske Toplice, located 20 km from Ludbreg.

By examining the latitudes and longitudes, Weddingen discovered that on the opposite side of Earth, the antipode to Ludbreg is the tiny South Pacific island Antipodes, near New Zealand.

Ludbreg is located between Varaždin and Koprivnica and is relatively well connected with the neighbouring regional centres. From these towns, Ludbreg can be reached in 25 minutes by car. From Čakovec one can reach Ludbreg in 30 minutes by riding the regional road, and from Zagreb it can be reached in 50 minutes. The borders with Slovenia and Hungary are only a 30 minute ride away.

Located beneath the gentle slopes of the Kalničko mountains, decorated with vineyards and mountain lodges offering a picturesque backdrop for hikers and excursionists, Ludbreg offers in its surroundings numerous excursion destinations, and the town itself offers accommodation in the hotels Crnković, Putnik and Raj.

Varaždin County Tourist Board

Town of Ludbreg Tourist Board

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