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Dalmatia - Šibenik

Dalmatia - Šibenik

Dalmatia - Šibenik

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240 beautiful islets and reefs adorn the crystalline waters of the Šibenik region, each of them clamouring for a place on your Adriatic itinerary.


The unspoilt landscapes of the Kornati archipelago or the mind-blowing waterfalls and lakes of Krka are both designated national parks and only two of the unmissable stops on your island-hopping route.

  • Šibenik

  • Krka

  • Kornati

  • Šibenik, St. Jacob’s Cathedral

  • Visovac

  • Zlarin

  • Krka

  • Krapanj


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Where to go

Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park

Kornati consists of 89 uninhabited islands, islets and rocks in an area of ​​only seventy square kilometres. Due to the dangers of navigating through this maze of rocks, the Kornati feature many old lighthouses and islands such as Blitvenica and Sestrice, which are nowadays a destination for adventure-seeking travellers.

Krapanj – Brodarica

Krpanj is the smallest, lowest and most inhabited island in the Mediterranean with an area of ​​0.36 square kilometres and an average altitude of 1.5 metres. It is known for its tradition of harvesting and processing sponges and is 300 metres from the nearest land, where the village of Brodarica is located.


Located 15 kilometres from Šibenik, Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow cobbled streets, passages, arches and stairs and is located at the entrance to Krka National Park. Its history dates back two thousand years, accounting for the notable archaeological sites in the local vicinity. The entire town of Skradin is a protected cultural heritage monument.

St Jacob’s Cathedral in Šibenik

This unique example of European sacred architecture has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Adorned with a frieze of 72 heads carved in stone, it is Croatia’s most significant architectural creation of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Knin Fortress on Mount Spas

Knin Fortress on Mount Spas

This military fortress was shaped by the early Croatian cultural heritage in the ninth century and is found on the southern side of Mount Spas, which dominates Knin and its surroundings and offers breathtaking views on all sides.

Krka National Park

With its seven travertine waterfalls at a total height of 242 metres and the Skradinski Buk, the largest travertine barrier in Europe, the Krka National Park is a natural and karstic phenomenon. The island of Visovac with its Franciscan church and monastery is also worth visiting.