Summer on Gradina

Summer on Gradina

Trsat Castle

People from Rijeka and visitors from across the region already know that Trsat Castle transforms into an oasis of good music, laughter and unique art styles in the hottest season and this year it will proudly do the same for a milestone 15th time! Although the year 2020 has taken a new and unexpected turn, with uncertainty looming at every step, Trsat Castle will open to visitors who are keenly waiting to return to the venue that offers the most beautiful view of the city!

Over the past 14 years, the Summer on Gradina programme has been attended by a large audience, which contributed to creating a special summer evening atmosphere along with the performers. This year, although smaller in scope, one of the most famous stages in Rijeka will host 130 performers, while the 13 programmes will satisfy fans of well-crafted comedies, first-rate music, dance and, most important, quality entertainment. The opening ceremony of this year's festival is scheduled for Sunday, 19 July, with the themed event Gradina Dance Art, a one-of-a-kind art event specially adapted to the environment of Nugent Park, which will usher visitors into this year's Summer. The festival ends on 5 September and if you want to know what to expect, take a look at our programme, which will be announced in a few days. It will exude its charm again this year, in accordance with the measures and recommendations implemented by the National Civil Protection Directorate.


Summer on Gradina 2020 programme


19 July Summer on Gradina opening ceremony: Themed programme: Gradina Dance Art

21 July Play: Fodder and Son

25 July Concert performance: Damir Kedžo

29 July Play: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

8 August Music programme: BSH Trsat Castle | Adria Sunset Session

13 August Play: I, Dad!

20 August Concert performance: Queen Real Tribute Band

25 August Concert performance: 9 of 3 - Ivan Pešut, Bruno Kovačić and Miroslav Lesić

29 August Concert performance: Alen Brentini & Whiteheads

3 September PAR Gradina of Knowledge

5 September Evening of Magic and Illusion by Andrej Škedel