Food and Healthy Living Fairs

Food and Healthy Living Fairs

Avenija Dubrovnik 15


10 years with you in good company


The central national event on the topic of food, healthy living and restoring natural balance with complementary approaches will take place from 5 - 8 December 2019.


Healthy Living Fairs, with their distinctive segments Organica & Kronoplja, Apitera and Mystic, have been recording an increased interest of visitors, exhibitors and experts year after year. Last year they were enriched with the segment of food in the broadest sense and thus ranked among top events of this kind.


Book the first weekend in December because many “mystical” treats are waiting for you: Saturday afternoon with border areas of science, Congress “Scientific evidence in unconventional medicine”, Apitherapy symposium - preserving health with bee products, numerous lectures, workshops and seminars, gastro show.


Working hours: from 10:0019:00 h. Admission ticket price: HRK 20.00