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St.Martin's Day in Dugo Selo

Nov 4 2017 to Nov 12 2017
Dugo Selo

  • Bačve, autor Marko Vrdoljak
  • Dugo Selo
  • Martinje, autor Marko Vrdoljak
  • Martinje, autor Mario Hlača

St. Martin's Day in Dugo Selo is a traditional cultural and entertainment event surrounding wine, in which the grape must is  'christened' and becomes young wine. The choreography of christening the must is traditionally performed by the Preporod Culture & Arts Society. The St. Martin's Day festivity is held on Martin Breg, at the town vineyard and wine hut, near the Church of St. Martin. The Dugo Selo wine-makers bring their wine to be 'christened', and visitors are invited to try the young wines and wine-maker sausages, a traditional part of the St. Martin's Day celebration.