Krk 'n' Roll MTB maraton

Krk 'n' Roll MTB maraton


Tourists are slowly returning home, the season is almost behind, and it all indicates that summer is already at the exit door. But not for us. Because on September 26th we’re just coming.

When it’s warm outside, but it’s not hellish. When the roads are finally empty. And ready just for us. When we can freely discover the largest (or the second largest) Croatian island. Well, if it is not the largest, we know it is the best. That is why every year we close the biking season right here. Why would we want to change something that is good. And Krk is very good. Krk is the best. And you know it.

That’s why there is more of us here than on any of the other races. The energy, the atmosphere, the whole experience. And however the race ends, you will share a glass of prosecco, some šurlice, lamb cheese or something else Krk has to offer with your biking friends. And trust us, Krk has plenty of things to offer.

But all this must be deserved first. It’s not easy, but it’s not terrible either. It pays off in the end. It always does. It will be fierce, it will be loud, it will be Krk’n’Roll

Book the date because we are closing the season for the fourth time in a row in a well-known place.

See you on September 26th! In Baška. On the island of Krk!