Dalmatiner MTB Marathon

Dalmatiner MTB Marathon


April. Winter jackets are already in the closet and the latest preparations for the start of the cycling season are in full swing. And where better to open it than in the place where cyclists, and cycling in general, feel at home. This year even a bit earlier because we just couldn’t wait any longer. Dalmatia. Vodice. April. Dalmatiner. 18.4.

Cycling is not just pedalling here, and a bike is not just a means of transportation to get you from point a to point b. No, cycling is a ritual here in Vodice. Something special. A Lifestyle. Joy. With a capital J.


101 reason to come

Maybe you have a new bike and you can’t wait to finally ride it. On a real race. To stroll through thick Dalmatian macchia. Through rosemary and lavender fields. Through the glorified olive groves. The rocks under your wheel fling as you try to overtake your club member. This time you will be faster than him, you lost some pounds during the winter. It wouldn’t hurt to lose a few more, but oh well. Maybe you come just to catch some sun and see why everyone here is so mad about MTB, and they really are. Or you just come to party with the team after the race. Because that is also an essential part of cycling. And does anyone have better parties than the Dalmatians?

In Vodice, we are opening a new cycling season. The new Series. And don’t forget your sunglasses!