Advent in Vinkovci

Advent in Vinkovci


Advent in Vinkovci will surely meet the expectations of many visitors this year. Skating rink, concerts, numerous cultural, religious and entertainment events will mark the period from November 29th 2019 to January 5th 2020.


Most of the program, just like last year, will be held in the Pedestrian zone in the city center.


The concert part of the Advent in Vinkovci opens Vanna on November 29th and along with the famous names of Croatian performers (Pravila igre, Antonija Šola, NO Jazz band, Antonela Doko, grupa Buđenje) and performers of spiritual music (Alan Hržica and Emanuel group), numerous visitors will also enjoy the spiritual music of the church choirs. The highlight of the musical part of the event will be traditional "Concert at the Gymnasium", where about 200 young singers and musicians will sing from the windows of Vinkovci High School.


As the ice rink attracted great interest last year, the organizers have make effort, especially for young people, to make it possible to skate on an even larger ice rink, of course with the rich offer of excellent food and drinks of many caterers.


Advent in Vinkovci will also feature numerous cultural events, performances and concerts in the Vinkovci Theater, museum and gallery exhibitions, workshops and interesting contents in the city library and the „Magic Advent“ virtual game in the central park.