Incentives: A thousand stories for an experience to remember


A thousand stories for an experience to remember

Incentives are the creative peak of the MICE offer. Incentives that do not leave you breathless, well, they certainly do not exist. Still, we can reliably claim – Croatia is a real treasury of incentives with unimaginable limits.


Here the present is intertwined with tradition. And you can still find food prepared ispod peke (where the food is cooked in a covered pot - under the bell - that is placed directly into the embers of the fire and covered by its coals), letting you learn about these traditions and immersing yourself in the past. You can go diving in the sea or soar to great heights, swim in wild rivers or pan for gold, just like the old days. You can pick olives or grapes, and perhaps for the first, or only, time in your life you can make olive oil or wine. You can also go night fishing with local fishermen, "hang out" with poets and other historical figures. You can swim, fly, climb mountains, explore underground caves, be Robinson Crusoe or a king, and live in a lighthouse or a palace. You can do…. almost anything.

Full of life

Simply stated, Croatia is made for incentives. With its diversity of nature, tradition and the imagination of its people, Croatia is a real treasury that can never be completely explored.  Whichever region you choose, in its natural beauties, history, and celebrations you will find an inspiration that will stay with you forever.

We all know that from these types of travels we expect a special, a really special, experience that stimulates, inspires and is retold, and is always remembered… and that is how personal loyalty is created. Research has shown that an incentive as a reward is chosen over money or something of material value. What captures your heart is always the most enduring and the most persuasive. 


Of course, this means that in selecting a place you have to be especially attentive and creative. Here, Croatia is, without any doubt, an outstanding choice.


This assertion has been confirmed by the Society of Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), the absolute authority in this business, which has recommended Croatia for this type of travel. As it emphasized in its description, they rate Croatia so highly because of its natural beauty, cultural-historical heritage, all of the required infrastructure, accessibility, interesting programs, and quality destination management companies.


To make this experience both unexpected and unforgettable, highly skilled teams will design and realize all incentive arrangements.  They know the local customs, traditions, and offers very well, and they know other hidden and still unexplored locations that will add to each experience a bit of a secret and mystical quality. But they will also listen closely to your wishes and offer possibilities and then work to faultlessly achieve them, leaving you only the task of impressing those whom you want to impress and strengthening business cooperation that you want so much to achieve. Croatia is the ideal and a most unique stage for that.