Vinkovci – The Capital of Šokadija

Vinkovci – The Capital of Šokadija

In Slavonia, the eastern part of the Pannonian- Danube part of Croatia, on the northern edge of Bosut lowlands, is the largest settlement of South East Slavonia and Western Srijem, the former very important military center and Šokac metropolis, the city of Vinkovci. The city of rich history, culture, architecture, folklore, traditions and customs. 
The old town center and most of the city is located along the left bank of the river Bosut. 
Due to its favorable geotraffic position, the climatic and geological characteristics, the area has always been attractive for settlement. The continuity of settlement over more than 7000 years is very rare even in European terms.

Vinkovci is known for its "Vinkovci Autumn Festival", the largest folk event in this part of Europe which has been held already for 40 odd years. It is a festival of original Croatian folklore in which folk groups from various parts of Croatia, the diaspora, and by groups from Europe and America participate in.

In the Vinkovci area there has been a long tradition of hunting tourism. The 40,000 hectares of hunting area of the Spačva forest basin is rich in diverse wildlife. Near the city are the well known "Kunjevci", "Spačva" and "Merolino'' hunting grounds.  Sport fishing has been developed on the rivers Bosut, Spačva, Studva and regular competitions in the cooking of fiš (fish stew) are being held.