Lika – Karlovac

Lika – Karlovac: the birthplace of electricity and home of unforgettable adventures

Explore Lika and the rural areas around Karlovac – we have beautiful karst rivers where adventure and gastronomy take on a new meaning. See for yourself!

This area connects the continental part of the country with the coast and you just have to make a stop, whether you are on your way to the coastal area or you are simply eager for adventure and something different. Our villages are full of preserved traditional houses, both mountain chalets and stone houses on the coast, and all of them are steeped in fresh air and pristine nature. You can relax in numerous rural holiday homes, mountain lodges and camps, of which glamping on Plitvice Lakes should not be missed if you have always wanted to sleep under the treetops. Are you ready?


What food to try?

We combine traditional continental and coastal gastronomy, with simple recipes using fresh local ingredients and the fruits of our pastures, forests, rivers, and the sea. We eat healthily, and so will you!


We base our continental cuisine on good quality meat and potatoes, with the best seeds passed down for generations. Smoke-cured meat can be eaten as an appetiser or added to various dishes such as cabbage, beans, and sarma (stuffed cabbage rolls). Our lamb has a unique scent, and our trout is famous far and wide. Trout is best fresh, caught before your eyes, and you won't go wrong if you taste smoked or marinated fillets or caviar with home-made bread under the baking bell. You can’t leave without having tasted venison specialities, home-made cheeses, fresh or sour milk, butter and cream. We are famous for Lika škripavac (type of cheese), delicious cicvara (type of porridge) from cooked žganci (polenta) in milk and butter, sheep cheeses and Lika basa - soft cow cheese that we make the old-fashioned way. We know how to survive the winter under several metres of snow!

In the coastal area and on the islands, try stuffed octopus under the baking bell, as well as other seafood specialities such as saur. We prepare cakes the traditional way, and those most famous are presnac, masnica, krumpirača, zeljanica, doughnuts, kuglof, and strudel in the continental part, and frite, hrostuli, and štrudel with curd cheese on the coast.


Before a meal, a sip of home-made rakija is a must: be it šljivovica, šmrika, or loza (made of plums, juniper, or grapes), and after the meal, depending on the area, Velebit beer or a glass of Pag wine called Žutica that was popular even during Roman times.

Plitvice Lakes
Davor Rostuhar
Plitvice Lakes

What’s there to do?

Our pristine rivers, the KoranaDobra, Kupa, Mrežnica, Lika, and Gacka offer numerous opportunities for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and fishing.

Enjoy the beauty of our National Parks – the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park and Northern Velebit National Park, as well as Velebit Nature Park. In addition to Plitvice, be sure to stop in Rastoke, a mill village at the confluence of the rivers Slunjčica and Korana, a veritable gem of natural heritage. On Velebit, be sure to hike along the Premužić trail and other hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful view of the crystal-blue sea. Visit our Barać Caves and the Grabovača Cave Park.


In Kuterevo, visit the shelter for young bears, explore the mills on Majerovo Vrilo, a source of the river Gacka, and in Krasno the House of Velebit visitor centre. On the island of Pag, visit the Olive Gardens of Lun – the largest park of wild olives in the world! Don't miss our cheese road – you can visit it all by bike because our cycling routes offer countless possibilities for riding through beautiful landscapes.


This is the homeland of patents and electricity – so a visit to the Memorial Centre “Nikola Tesla” in Smiljan is a must. Explore the amazing way in which these early discoveries brought about all the benefits of modern life we enjoy today. However, despite the advances, we believe that you will spend most of your time with us tech-free!


The text was provided by Croatian Rural Tourism Association