Kvarner: žlahtina and the largest prawns in the Adriatic

Explore rural Kvarner – a fairy-tale combination of sea, islands and mountains! Let us tell you a little secret – only in Croatia can you go skiing and swimming in the sea on the same day. Priceless!

The region of Kvarner is home to the largest Croatian islands of Cres and Krk, as well as the mountain ranges of Gorski Kotar, and our rural tourism offers a multitude of opportunities for active excursions and holidays in untouched nature.


Some of our villages are mountainous, some coastal, some in the interior of the islands, but all are simply – special. You can relax in renovated rural holiday homes, mountain lodges and campsites, enjoying the fresh mountain or sea air. Here you live and enjoy life to the fullest, and our local products, top-quality wines, and aromatic herbs are waiting to be discovered! This is a region of health and vitality, active holidays, and wonderful gastronomy!


What food to try?

Our combination of continental and coastal cuisine leaves no one indifferent! In our country, food from the forest – mushrooms, wild berries, ”maruni” chestnuts, and game go perfectly with first-class fish, crustaceans, the largest Adriatic prawns, and other seafood. You will love the unique flavours of our continental delicacies, such as lamb from local farmers and the amazingly varied ways it can be prepared, including lamb from Cres (udič), Krk, and Rab. We also make some of the best cheeses in Croatia, from cow's, goat's and sheep's milk from the mountains, the coast, or the islands, and we also have the finest pršut and olive oil. Here, you can also try snails and frogs, and our honey is widely known for its healing properties. The local pasta šurlice, made by hand, goes well with local sauces, and you’ll be hard-pressed to get anyone to tell you the secret recipe for the traditional Rab cake - we cherish our tradition! What about strudel made from freshly picked wild berries?


Our most famous wine variety is žlahtina which grows on the island of Krk, and the žlahtina of Vrbnik is held in particularly high regard. We also grow other traditional local varieties, namely belica, jarbol, trojščina, and gegić, as well as other more famous varieties including merlot, white muscat, cabernet sauvignonchardonnay, and pinot noir, gris and blanc. We are part of the wine region of Istria and Kvarner, and our winemakers will welcome you for tasting and pleasant conversation with a glass of wine.

Zoran Jelača

What’s there to do?

Risnjak National Park and Učka Nature Park are both magnificent nature reserves offering winter sports, as well as various other forms of recreation year-round. Numerous educational and hiking trails with sea views will surely remain in your lasting memory! We recommend the Trail of Predators – the wolf, the bear, and the lynx in Tršće and Fužine, the Bear Trail in Brod na Kupi, Fruits of the Mountains in Ravna Gora, and Vražji Prolaz (Devil's Pass) and Zeleni Vir (The Green Whirlpool) in Skrad. We genuinely care about our animals. Meet the griffon vulture and the Mediterranean dolphin, and you may also have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear sea with these friendly marine mammals! Your health is our number one priority!


We have more than 1300 km of marked bike paths just for you. Windsurfing is especially attractive for those eager for adventure, with the best locations in Baška on the island of Krk. Then there’s also hang-gliding and paragliding – enjoy our beautiful landscapes! And you can also dip below the surface – in our area, there are many underwater sites that attract more and more divers from all over the world every year. This is how our ancient Apoxyomenos, a masterpiece of Croatian and world cultural heritage, was found.


Many old cultures merge here. The Baška Tablet, the largest Croatian written monument in the Old Slavonic Glagolitic alphabet from the 12th century, originates from Krk. Our zvončari (bell-ringers) will delight you during the carnival, and our rich cultural heritage will evoke old times long gone by. Do you know what mrgar and ganak are? You don’t? Not a problem. When can we expect your visit?


The text was provided by Croatian Rural Tourism Association