Istria: Malvasia, the best olive oils and the largest truffle in the world

Explore rural Istria – experience lush green landscapes, relaxation and pleasure in the countryside with Malvasia, Teran, Istrian pršut, the best olive oils, and truffles!

Everybody knows about our beautiful coast, but we invite you to discover the green interior of Istria! Join us for a relaxing stay in the Istrian countryside, where our olive groves, vineyards, gardens, fields, pastures, and forests produce only the best – for our guests, as well as ourselves.


To make your stay in the countryside unforgettable, we have renovated many old stone houses and built new ones, equipped them with swimming pools and other amenities and raised the concept of a village to another level. We offer the luxury of a relaxing holiday with the best local produce, rich cultural heritage, and numerous opportunities for getting active. Do you know what makes Istria the world’s best region for producing extra virgin olive oil? If you would like to learn, we are always in the mood to spend time chatting with our guests!


What food to try?

Our symbols are pastatrufflesasparagusboškarin beef, wine, and, of course – olives! For breakfast or brunch, try a fritaja (a variety of omelette) made from local eggs with local seasonal ingredients such as asparagus. Only here can you try the unique Istrian “supa”, a mix of red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper and toasted white bread that our villagers used to eat for strength or to recover after a period of illness – a proven elixir for the whole day!


You can start lunch or dinner with a glass of biskamedica, or rakija with common rue. Or opt for a glass of natural juice, and then move on to sheep, cow or goat cheese, Istrian pršut, bacon and sausages, which are mostly dried in the bora wind that blows here. If you are a fan of broths and soups, be sure to try our traditional soup – maneštra.


Handmade pasta such as pljukanci, posutice, ravioli, njoki, and fuži go well with the sauce of boškarin beef, venison, home-reared chicken, asparagus, truffles or vegetables. Truffles? Not to brag, but ours are the biggest in the world! Of the meat dishes, you must definitely try our žgvacet (goulash made from pieces of chicken, beef or venison in a thick sauce), ombolo and sausages with sauerkraut, and delicious dishes made under a baking bell, called “čeripnja”, or in a bread oven.


We hope that you’ll still have room to try desserts such as fritule, kroštule, povetica, pandešpanja, bucolaj, pince, breskvice, paštine, and cukerančići, which go wonderfully with our dessert wines.


We are best known for our native varieties – Istrian Malvasia and Teran. We grow both well-known and lesser-known varieties such as refošk and sansigot. The doors of our wine, cheese, truffle and olive oil tasting rooms are wide open to you, either on marked wine and olive roads or slightly off the beaten path, and you can also taste these delicacies in numerous taverns, restaurants, and hotels in the interior and on the coast. You’ll be glad you did – you’re sure to buy a few of these products to take home!


What’s there to do?

On our hills, you can visit medieval towns, forts, churches, and castles with beautiful views of mystical Istria. Our history, spanning thousands of years, hides numerous cultural sights and monuments, but also enigmatic legends. If you are intrigued by the supernatural and the occult, here you can discover places that were allegedly inhabited or frequented by vampires, witches, giants, and pirates – so start exploring!


Another place to explore is the Brijuni National Park, where you can enjoy amazing natural wonders and learn about our complex history, starting from the time of the dinosaurs. We have several exciting dinosaur track sites, the only ones in the Mediterranean!


Truffle enthusiasts can go truffle hunting, and those looking for some physical activity can set out to explore green Istria by cycling, hiking, or mountaineering on Učka and Ćićarija, which offers a divine view. If so inclined, there is also hunting and fishing and horseback riding, and the hosts will be happy to have you join their activities on the many farms, such as picking grapes and olives.


The text was provided by Croatian Rural Tourism Association