Dalmatia – Šibenik

Dalmatia – Šibenik: Breathtaking Adventure

Explore the hinterland and islands of Šibenik – we offer rafting, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, mountaineering, and hiking for a break from stress and recharging your batteries!

The adventure can begin! Whether you’re here for several days or just a day trip, there are countless opportunities for getting active in our untouched nature or for spending quality time with the hosts.


We have renovated old stone houses for you and refurbished numerous taverns where you can taste our local delicacies. The scent of sage, immortelle, laurel and rosemary will relax you and ensure a good night's sleep in our quiet villages.


What food to try?

In the hinterland of Šibenik, the cuisine is still predominantly continental. We usually start the meal with a glass of home-made rakija made from cherries, pears, blueberries, figs, jujube, walnuts, and rose petals or the aromatic “travarica” brandy with a truly unique herbal taste. As an appetiser, try the autochthonous cheese “iz mišine”, ripened in lambskin, as well as Drniš pršut, which was also enjoyed by many world dignitaries. Unlike the northern Adriatic region, here we smoke our pršut, which makes it very special. You can continue your culinary adventures with hearty specialities such as arambašićilamb under the bell, or ”kumbasice” prepared in various ways. You must definitely try the unique Skradin risotto because it takes more than 10 hours to cook and because it is traditionally prepared by men.


Skradin cuisine is special because it is a combination of continental and coastal cuisine with an emphasis on tradition. Try the Skradin omelette, ćokalice - fish fried in flour, cold “brudet” made with eels – called “bižoti” from the river Krka with home-made polenta and an unusual archaic dish called koprtlje. Another interesting dish – pršut and pancetta sticks wrapped in lamb entrails and cooked together with pieces of cured meat. Finally, indulge in the unique Skradin cake - a mighty treat that was once served to newlyweds on their first wedding night. Other desserts like bruštulani (candied) almonds, figs and sorb apples are sure not to disappoint!


And by the sea and on the islands – there is plenty of excellent olive oil, mild spices and herbs and delicious side dishes, light dishes such as gregada, lešada, brudet and lightly seasoned seasonal fish and shellfish.


We make top-quality red wines from the red varieties babić, lasina, and plavina. The white varieties debit and maraština are somewhat less common but certainly worth tasting, as is the dessert wine prošek! Cheers!

Visovac, Krka
Ivo Biočina
Visovac, Krka

What’s there to do?

You have to come and stay for several days or take multiple day trips to enjoy everything we have to offer.


Be sure to visit the Krka National Park, where you can admire the power of the water and the seven beautiful travertine waterfalls of the beautiful karst river Krka, visit the monastery on the island of Visovac, and take a walk on one of the most beautiful educational hiking trails in Croatia.


Fans of mountaineering, hiking, and cycling will enjoy Velebit Nature Park and Dinara Nature Park - the highest park in Croatia and the whole region. There are more than 120 marked hiking, mountaineering, and cycling trails to choose from. Be sure to also visit the source of the river Cetina and the canyon of the river Čikola. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, zip-lining, and safari rides will satisfy anyone eager for adventure!


Kornati National Park is part of an archipelago that shares the same name, consisting of 89 islands, islets and reefs, a real paradise for boaters, but you can also reach it with seasonal tourist boats. Also check out Zlarin – the island of coral and coral farming, and Krapanj - the island of sponges and sponge-making with a long tradition of diving – also the smallest and lowest inhabited island in the Adriatic.


This is the birthplace of the first functional parachute, which you can learn more about on the island of Prvić, and a region of exceptional cultural heritage. When can we expect your visit?


The text was provided by Croatian Rural Tourism Association