Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort

Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort

Green aristocratic island

Due to their distance from the mainland, islands are sanctuaries, places of gathering, peace and freedom. Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort can be found on one such island, Saint Nikola. Surrounded by the scents and colors of evergreen vegetation and the echo of elegant and noble past, this resort awaits its guests in three accommodation properties - Miramare, Castle and Villas.


The island of Saint Nikola is the northernmost and closest to the Alps. The island presents a natural breakwater. In times past it protected the ancient city of Poreč from stormy weather, and provided a place of refuge for sailors on the rough sea. The island is a place of solitude and reflection, and once held a monastery for a community of Benedictine Monks. In the year 1403, the Venetian Senate crowned Saint Nikola with a towering, stone lighthouse. Its light served as a beacon for ships laden with silks and spices, ferrying merchants and nobles to and from the Republic of Venice. As you sail to Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort from Poreč, this stone tower will once again act as your beacon, a point of orientation towards an experience of noble elegance.


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the Istrian noble family Polesini were the island’s caretakers. Their legacy of stewardship over the island continues to be evident in the 21st century. On the ruins of the old monastery the Marquis Benedetto Polesini built a neo-classical castle for his wife Isabella, which today serves as the hotel. The Marquis designed trails through a forest of slender pines and achieved a monochromatic composition of the island’s flora by planting various evergreen trees on the grounds. While the Marquise, Eta Polesini wrote a cookbook of fine Istrian recipes.

Saint Nikola has a rich tradition of reflection, relaxation and comfort. Today, Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort continues this tradition, providing guests with five star service reminiscent of the island’s high-born history.


Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort offers guests the experience of reliving the Polesini’s life of leisure and refinement. Partake in the island’s rejuvenating nature with a stroll through the forests and a swim in the Adriatic Sea. Discover the Marquise’s culinary secrets in cooking workshops that allow you to cook and dine under the forest’s sun dappled canopy. Learn to capture the island’s scenic beauty in painting workshops, all the while relaxing with fine food and complimentary glass of champagne after the nightcruise.


Step further back into history, using the hotel’s private shuttle service, with a short trip to the mainland and the town of Poreč. Town which is nearly 2,000 years old. Poreč stands as a testament to history as the streets in the center preserve the same layout as they did during the Roman Empire. Witness elements of early Christian architecture by visiting the Euphrasian Basilica and its rare octagonal baptistery. The church’s 6th century mosaics are some of the best preserved and unique religious works of art in the world.

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Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort and the scenic island of Saint Nikola, is a verdant oasis with a noble ancestry. It is a place of grace, peace and tranquility. Come and participate in the story of this green aristocratic island.


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