Briig Boutique Hotel

Briig Boutique Hotel

Beyond expectations

In many Mediterranean cities, time seems to flow more slowly. This is because the tradition of the public space and the routines surrounding it are often respected, cherished and preserved. Tradition is rarely deviated from. Split is a true Mediterranean city, but when it comes to architecture, the city has always had space for progressive thinking.


There was a time when Split experienced its architecture more boldly. A fearless and progressive spirit inspired the architects and builders of Split’s expansion. The modernist neighborhood Split 3 was even recognized as a work of art by the curators of MoMA. From that same spark and from that same root of progressive thought, only years later, briig boutique hotel sprang up in Split.


Briig is not what you expect from a hotel above Bačvice beach. First, briig is not just a beach hotel, although it is located right next to one of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic. Briig is a city hotel, one that Split needs and deserves. Second, briig is not a nostalgic seaside house with blue shutters.

Briig’s architecture is bold, robust and intense. Its refined, abstract primitivism is evident in its white geometry. It is modern and uncompromising: impressive, like a rising hill. In fact its name comes from the Dalmatian word for hill, brig. In the vision of architects, briig is a homage to the bold architectural and progressive ideas of 1970s Split, a place that eludes expectations, but is still no stranger to its surroundings.

Inside you will also find a space that exceeds expectations. Classic, elegant, and refined Scandinavian, Italian and other designed furniture adorns the hotel, along with works of art by greats, such as Knifer, Bućan and Srnec. You’ll also find rooms that open to the sea with large windows like balconies, textures and surfaces in synergy with art and comfort - most all, comfort. Everything in briig is about comfort, convenience and relaxation, both its interior design and impeccable service.

The hotel's Median restaurant takes care of the other senses, serving modern, avant-garde interpretations of traditional dishes made from daily fresh seasonal ingredients. The hotel bar and terrace, awash in the sounds of breaking waves and the scents of Mediterranean plants, is one of the most beautiful places in Split and a favorite gathering place for guests.

Briig is a different place, a place for different visitors. Briig is a place for those who still expect to find more valuable, richer and more refined experiences in the largest city on the Adriatic, but despite its bold design, briig has its roots in the traditions of Split.


In any case and from every angle, briig is beyond expectations.


Prilaz Braće Kaliterna 1
Dalmatia - Split